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Small Synagogues
A Historical Photographic Presentation

Travel around the United States to see and hear the wonderful tales of the synagogues of small-town America. Discover the lore, the architecture, the history, the anecdotes, and the unique qualities that are part of each of these out-of-the-way Jewish houses of worship. You’ll travel to the charming backyard Victorian shul of the Schwarz family of Hempstead, Texas. Journey to the tiny, elegant brownstone, copper-domed Temple Jacob of the Michigan’s frigid Upper Peninsula, and many other places in all directions.

Sherry Zander, whose avocation is tracking down, photographing, and memorializing synagogues in small places in America, will conduct you on a fascinating trip. You’ll hear unusual anecdotes, little known historical facts, and learn the architectural significance of some of America’s Jewish treasures.

Ms. Zander is a popular, entertaining speaker both regionally and nationally. Her regular column is featured in Jewish newspapers. She has spoken before the Southern Jewish Historical Society, American Jewish Archives, Texas Historical Association, and various civic and Jewish organizations throughout the U.S.