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What The Press Is Saying About Sherry Zander

“The articles are wonderful! Sherry Zander writes beautifully and she has a real gift for bringing these synagogues to life. The information was new to me and will surely new to the readers This would indeed be an interesting column to circulate to newspapers"
Jonathan D. Sarna
Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History
Department of Near Eastern And Judiac Studies
Brandeis University

“Sherry Zander succeeds in creating little gems of beauty and historical insight. Her stories of small synagogues and their architecture bring to life not only stone, wood, and mortar but also the people and the history of their communities. Her instincts are first rate. Although intended for a popular audience, she cites her sources and offers historical context. I, after studying American Jewish history on a scholarly basis for over a quarter of a century, came away from my reading more knowledgeable for her efforts.”
Mark K. Bauman
Editor, Southern Jewish History

“Sherry Zander is one of those rare writers who combines original and indefatigable research with a lively colorful style which preserves for all time a part of American Jewish history which is disappearing before our eyes. Not to be missed by anyone interested in Jewish America.”
Robert N. Rosen
Author of Jewish Confederates
and Saving The Jews, F ranklin.D.Rosevelt and the Holocaust

“Rich in detail and small-town flavor, Sherry Zander’s in-depth profiles of off- the- beaten-path synagogues are truly treasures. Zander detours down rural roads to locate disappearing congregations, track down surviving members, and record their unforgettable Judaic experiences.”
Hollace Ava Weiner
Past President Southern Jewish Historical Society
and author of Jewish Stars in Texas and Lone Stars of David

“For Mrs. Zander small-town synagogues are a way to connect to her past – and celebrate the United States. Even though many these house of worship are now closed, they’re testimony to small Jewish communities that were optimistic enough to establish roots…”.
Larry Bleiberg
Travel Editor, Dallas Morning News